Self Assessment

Understanding your tax liability is essential to running a profitable business. Our self-assessment accountants help you to know where you should be paying tax and where you can claim money back. Filing your self-assessment form in a correct and timely manner avoids costly penalties and keeps as much money as possible within the business where it belongs.


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VAT (Value Added Tax)


Without completing the necessary VAT registration, your company won’t be entitled to charge VAT on your products or services or reclaim VAT on purchases. Our expert VAT accountants guide you through the VAT registration process so that you understand what you can charge and reclaim.


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Paying your staff is, of course, a core part of running your own business – and with our payroll expertise, you can make sure your employees are paid in a correct and timely manner. By calculating PAYE and organising your payroll, our accountants guarantee your workers are paid what they’ve earned – with the required Income Tax deducted and all payroll fully documented.




Business accounting is a complex and essential system which requires full, detailed documentation every step of the way. If your business needs professional bookkeeping, accounting services like ours can guarantee that all of your business transactions are recorded correctly and in full.

Personal Taxation


The personal tax accountants at Insight Accountancy have the expertise and experience to help you know what you should be paying based on your company’s earnings and not a penny more. With sole traders and partnerships, you’re paying once on the firm’s profits – but if yours is an incorporated business, you’ll need to pay once on company profits and again on your personal income. With our help, you can find out what you’re eligible to pay and make sure your personal tax is take care of without the hassle.


Business Plans


The core of any successful company is a bulletproof business plan – and thanks to our financial expertise, you can construct a plan that is realistic, airtight and based on accurate forecasts. No business can thrive without guaranteeing its finances are in check – so we help to build business plans that are designed to succeed.


Corporation Tax


If you’re the owner of a limited company, you’re required by law to pay tax on your business’s taxable profits. At Insight Accountancy, we’re experts in Corporation Tax – and we’ll ensure that your tax is paid and recorded to guarantee full compliance.



Business finances can be a struggle if you don’t know where to start – and with financial compliance guaranteeing the safety and security of your business, our compliance accountants can help your company to be invulnerable to unnecessary fees and lawsuits.


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Management Accounting


Effective management accounting is the backbone of your business, offering you the financial data and knowledge you need to make better and more lucrative business decisions. Your management accounts deserve some professional insight – and our business accounting means we’ve got the skills to help your business develop into a more profitable one.


Other Services

Our other accounting services include:
  • Tax planning

  • Startup accounting

  • Company secretarial

  • Virtual FD services (if you aren’t large enough to employ a full-time FD)