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5 Signs Your Business Needs To Hire an Accountant

5 Signs Your Business Needs To Hire an Accountant

When you start your own business, there’s an understandable temptation to take everything on yourself – from answering the phone and facing customers to dealing with suppliers and even doing the bookkeeping. This might seem like a sensible idea from a business owner’s perspective, but there’s no doubt certain things are better left to the professionals. The decision to hire an accountant for your business is a big one to make – but if any of these classic start-up worries sound all too familiar, we think it’s time you found an accountant.

5 Signs Your Business Needs To Hire an Accountant

  • It’s getting time consuming: With any amount of software out there designed to make your business accounts easier, you might like the idea of taking this responsibility on yourself. In the early days of your business, this might make sense – but as your company grows in value and in size, so do the wider responsibilities. Ensuring your accounts are up-to-date and accurate while running a business takes time and no shortage of patience. If you’re finding it’s taking longer and longer to do your books, hiring an accountant for your business could be the solution to your time-consuming financial processes.
  • Financial statements can be hard to understand: Not everyone is naturally inclined towards the facts and figures side of running a business – and if that includes you, it might be best to leave this to a chartered accountant. If you’re struggling to understand your latest statement, speaking to a professional accountancy firm can help you find accurate and reliable advice on this complex aspect of owning your own business.
  • Government regulations are tricky: Keeping on top of your accounts and understanding them takes time – and keeping up to speed on financial compliance legislation can take even longer. Changes to tax regulations happen frequently, and a professional accountant understands both what these legislations mean and, most importantly, what they mean for your business.
  • Financial reporting is essential: Running a successful business is all about the profit – and while good bookkeeping helps to keep your finances in check, it won’t give you detailed financial reports or forecasts on which to base your business decisions. A trained accountant will be able to create these reports to allow you to proactively manage your expenditure and help your business to grow and thrive.
  • It’s tax season: There’s no greater incentive to employ an accountant than tax season. When you’re responsible for sending out tax forms for each of your employees, hiring an account makes perfect sense. Not only will they complete the forms for you, but they’ll also guarantee you’re on top of your tax filing requirements throughout the year.

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